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Rifle Training

Carbine Basic $300
 An entry level course for carbine shooters. This class is geared for those who have not had any formal instruction. Topics include weapon safety, stance, zeroing iron sights and optics, sight alignment and trigger control. Familiarization with their carbine includes field stripping and maintenance. Other subjects covered include reloads, presentation, shooting positions, and introduction to skill drills including dry fire, reloading etc.

Class requirements:

• Eye & Ear protection (electronic hearing protection is strongly recommended)
• Serviceable carbine 
• Serviceable sling- suitable for a variety of shooting positions – tactical type preferred.
• Minimum 2 magazine pouches – or method to carry spare magazine(s)
• Minimum of 3 magazines
• 500 rounds of ammo
• Suitable range wear depending on the season/weather, no open toe shoes or low-cut tops.
• positive attitude
Carbine I $300
Introductory Level: For shooters who have had at least a basic carbine class or private instruction. Topics include malfunction drills, shooting and reloading on the move, Rifle to pistol to rifle transitions. Introduction to timed fire drills and evaluations based on class skill level. Class equipment is the same as the carbine basic with the addition of a pistol (minimum 9mm para caliber).Strong side holster, at least 2 magazine pouches and three magazines. Ammo requirement is 500 rounds rifle, 300 rounds pistol.
Carbine II $350
Intermediate Level Requirements are same as Carbine I. Rifle and Pistol. Review of topics in Carbine I and more advanced shooting and skill drills, including barricade and weak side shooting. Courses of fire to be used are based on skill evaluation and development. Shooter will leave the course with a firm grasp on strengths and weaknesses, as well as drills to help themselves improve. Ammo requirement same as Carbine I
Carbine III $400
Advanced Level Requirements are Carbine I and II. Review of Carbine I & II lessons. You will be introduced to more advanced skill drills including shooting positions, malfunction and failure recovery and much more; Regardless of your skill level you will be challenged! And you’ll leave with a clear picture of strengths and weaknesses. Equipment requirement are the same as Carbine II with the exception of 600/400 rounds of Carbine/Pistol ammo needed.


  • Law Enforcement and Military
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I5PI provides private firearms instruction for High Profile Clientele, Celebrities, Corporate Executives, and International Dignitaries who require training in a private environment.  All private courses are one-on-one training and custom designed to the client’s requirements.  We understand the present day threats facing individuals with high profile statures and teach state of the art personal defense methods customized for each circumstance.

  • All instruction provided in a safe and private environment
  • Personal safety techniques and strategies for clients and staff members
  • Self defense  techniques utilizing the current protocols and strategies
  • Safe and proper firearms handling methods and procedures
  • Scenario based training which exceeds typical private instruction
  • Threat and Risk Assessment

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