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Security and Protection

I5PI offers Personal Security Details that provide close protection and VIP security. Whether you are a business executive, tourist, traveler or celebrity, there is nothing better than having the peace of mind of personal protection for you or a group of individuals.

Personal Security Details

Personal Security Detail (PSD) is no longer the privilege and domain of governments and wealthy individuals. PSD’s are also known as close protection, executive protection and VIP protection and security. The need for professional PSD’s and security services are becoming common at every level of the social and business environment.

Business executives, tourists, travelers, journalists, diplomats, engineers, geologists, court witnesses, government officials, celebrities, sports personalities and high-net-worth individuals are all increasingly becoming the target of physical and financial threats and risks. Its hard to identify anywhere in the world that can be truly classified as “safe”. Terrorism and violent crime are on the increase, with political and religious unrest now commonplace in all societies.

With cost effective personal protection and itinerary and logistical facilitation in place, I5 Security Services will establish and maintain a safe environment in which you, the principal, can live and work free from the fear of violent crime and other potential threats. We promote confidence all our clients by managing and mitigating the risk and threat exposure. When under the protection of I5 Services highly trained professionals we have shown that terrorist and criminal elements are greatly discouraged from hostile intent towards an individual or their families.

Our Personal Security Detail Team is the first line in a proactive defense to ensure that a threat never reaches our clients. Our PSD Team knows and understands that presenting a professional image is required of them 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

I5 Services has registered Basic Life Support (BLS) Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) available to be added to your PSD Team to ensure your safety and the safety of your family. They fulfill a dual function of close protection operative as well as EMT.

I5 Security Professionals
I5PI employs and contracts active/ former/ and retired law enforcement agencies/ officers (LEO from government and local organnizations), retired military special operation’s professionals (SOF), and private security detail (PSD) industry specialists. Current and recent security assignments include:

  • Executive Protection and Security for professional sports organizations.
  • Security and Personal Protection for CEOs, Corporate Officers, and related Staff.
  • Security, transport, storage, and delivery of high value jewelry and merchandise from $2,000 to $250 Million.
  • International Security for VIPs in Taiwan, Europe, Canada, and Mexico.
  • Domestic and International security of Saudi Nationals for business and personal travel.
  • Corporate and professional high risk terminations and exit interviews.
  • Corporate and professional security surveillance utilizing high tech equipment and techniques.
  • Threat and Risk Assessment for small, mid, and large corporations.
  • Domestic Violence protection services.
  • Armed and unarmed services available.


Additional Agent certifications include:

  • Emergency Medical Technicians
  • CPR/ AED/ First Aid Certified
  • State required Security and Firearms certifications
  • Concealed Carry Permit per State or HR218 certifications.
  • Advanced training is Executive Protection tactics.
  • Advanced training is non lethal defense training methods and techniques:
  • Chemical Agents and Pepper Spray.
  • Taser certified.
  • Simunition Training Certifications.
  • Advanced Martial Arts and hand to hand combat.

Our coverage includes International and Domestic (All 50 States).

Current Security Assignments

  • Places of worship and religious organizations
  • Schools and learning centers
  • Corporate campuses
  • Rolex Authorized Dealers
  • Construction sites
  • Private residences
  • Domestic and International assignments

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