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BSIS Guard Card Training

I5 can train you or your employees so you can get your guard card.

(40 Hours)
The State of California requires that anyone working for a contract security company or proprietary security wishing to be armed (any implement of self defense) must be trained in a 40-hour program of Powers To Arrest, submit to a background check and receive a Guard Registration Card. A Proprietary Security Officer registrant cannot be armed. The PSO must obtain the training for and register as a security guard. However, it is highly recommend by the State – and defense attorneys – that PSOs receive the training anyway. The registration process for PSOs is mandatory (SB 194 [Stats 2005, ch 655]).

Powers to Arrest I – Getting the Guard Card
Prior to securing a security assignment the following is required: Eight (8) hour Powers To Arrest Class to include the Powers To Arrest Workbook, lecture and situational exercises. B&P 7583.6(b)

I5 Services provides the training, all the paperwork and registers the student on line as the student is in class. When completed, the student simply goes home and waits for the “guard card” in the mail. It generally takes two to four weeks to receive.

Note: If the student registers as a “Security Guard w/Firearms” and submits such paperwork, additional fees and course work are required.

Powers to Arrest II
Within 30 days of receiving the Guard Registration Card: An additional eight hours mandatory training and eight hours of elective training towards the 40-hour Powers To Arrest must be completed. I5 Services provides the Tear Gas/Pepper Spray permit and Arrest Control Tactics as the “electives” for this section of training.

Powers to Arrest III
Within six months of issuance of the Guard Registration Card: The final eight hours of mandatory training and the final eight hours of elective training for a total of 40 hours must be completed.

A certificate of training must be issued upon completion of each required course conducted in accordance with the BSIS requirement. A certificate issued by the training entity must certify completion of the course, the number of hours and that the training complies with BSIS-issued guidelines. B&P 7583.6(c) BSIS suggests that the certificates be numbered.

Continuing Education Units:
As of January 5th, 2005…All security personnel must complete eight hours of “Continuing Education Units” annually. A certificate of training is required. B&P 7583.6(f)[1]

Complete Course Fee: $295.00

BSIS Exposed Carry Course

Classroom and training time for an exposed carry permit.

This class is required by the State Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureau of Security & Investigative Services (BSIS) for guards wishing to carry an exposed firearm on duty, executive protection agents, armored car guards, armed alarm response agents, and private investigators with a concealed weapons permit wishing to carry “on the job.” Fee includes range fees and targets. You may bring or buy our ammunition. You must bring the firearm you wish to qualify with. One hundred (100) rounds are required. Fifty (50) for initial practice and fifty (50) rounds for qualification. Fifty (50) rounds are required for each additional qualifying weapon.

Pre-registration required.
Day One: I5 Training Room
Day Two: Shooting Range

BSIS Exposed Permit Holder – Range
Course Fee: $75.00
CONTACT Instructor for dates and times.
Includes range fees and targets. Firearm & Ammo: Same as Initial class; 50 rounds required for qualification.

Armed Guard Bi-Annual Review Course (CAC 633(c)
Course Fee: $50.00

Adding Calibers / Re-shooting (Same day as Initial or Re-qualification)
Course Fee: $20.00 per

Special Notes:
Birth Registration, DD214, GREEN CARD or other proof of Citizenship is required by law.
Paying for a class does not guarantee passing and passing the course(s) does not guarantee issuance of a permit.
Sorry, no refunds.

Private Security Act, California Administrative Code 633, Bi-Annual Renewal of Firearms Qualification Card…

(c) An applicant shall complete and pass a review training course on the laws and standards regarding use of deadly force and the avoidance of deadly force as provided in this section. Two hours of the review course shall be completed prior to completing a range qualification course of fire. The training regarding use of deadly force and the avoidance of deadly force may be administered by a Private Patrol Operator or as person designated by the licensee to administer the Powers to Arrest training. The training can also be conducted by a licensed Firearm Training Facility.

(d) An application for the renewal of a firearms qualification card shall include the following proof of information:

(1) Certification or documentation that the applicant has completed and passed the range qualification course of fire requirements on two separate occasions within the year prior to the card’s expiration.

(2) Certification or documentation that the applicant has completed the review course as outline (in CAC 633(d)(2)A.)


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